A Song A Day: January 9th – ‘ Music Is An International Language’

9 01 2011

I feel as though it would be a crime not to post this. Since meeting my wonderful girlfriend (who I know reads this blog!) I’ve discovered some of the most wonderful music that I’ve ever heard, but I would of been unlikely to seek out before. As well as some of the contemporary offerings from the Chinese music scene, I’ve fallen in love with the traditional music of the country. Todays post is a blend of the two.

GuilnThe twelve girls band are a wonderful group of musicians who not only play more traditional pieces, but they cover contemporary music and music from western culture, all of which are played on traditional chinese instruments (pipa, erhu etc)

The first time I heard this piece was a short while ago and it’s had regular rotation on my ipod ever since. I saw a quote on a youtube video which said that ‘Music is the international language of the world’ – I feel as though that may be non more true then with this performance.

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See you tomorrow!




6 responses

22 01 2011

LOVE this! i just love how I’m discovering music I might not normally stumble upon.

22 01 2011

Thankyou very much. I’m trying to vary my posts and keep it different. This version though was quite special. For me it really hits a point. It’s a love of mine (michael flatley) paired with a love of mine (my wonderful girlfriend)

9 01 2011

How unique and totally beautiful! I really enjoyed watching this :-)

9 01 2011

My thoughts after view #1 in the summer. Thanks for commenting!

9 01 2011

A nice mix of international styles, I think. Thank you for introducing this piece to me, DJ.
I’ve heard there is a medicine-less hospital near Beijing. I posted a video about it on my blog (actually 2 vids). I sure wish we had one of those here in the west (Canada). Or, the other alternative would be to win a lottery and go there. I guess I’d have to buy a lottery ticket first. lol!

9 01 2011

A Medicine-less hospital??? As much as I like Chinese things and respect the culture, I can’t imagine that’d be very effective. My girlfriend would likely disagree with me and reccomend some herbal remedy to me or something! I’m not convinced. I’m comfortable taking paracetomol tablets knowing they work. I’d love to go to China and take in the culture.

The first time I heard this piece I fell in love with it. I’m a huge fan Lord of The Dance and Michael Flatley’s work, which all started with Riverdance, so hearing this for me was one of those ‘my life in music pieces’ — I loved and still love the Irish tap-dancing shows from my childhood and the chinese aspect of my life now with the love of their culture and my wonderful girlfriend.

Thankyou for commenting, Marianne. It’s always nice to read your thoughts/comments.

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