A Song A Day: January 13th – A Song From The Night Sky.

13 01 2011

One thing that I’ve never really talked about so far on this blog are my favourite artists/bands and albums. Today’s song comes from one of those favourites, possibly joint favourite bands (I’ll be revealing more soon in a special post!)

It was only with a set of reissues/remasters that I discovered this song. I’m normally against remasters and the like because I normally can’t hear much if any difference. I think the only exception is the 2005 remaster/’remix’ of Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds. That version blew me away, it sounded MILES different, different audio textures, almost like some of it had be reinstrumentalised (is that a real-word?) but I digress.

A short while ago, The Beatles put out 2 box sets, the mono versions and the stereo counterparts. I saved up and eventually got hold of the stereo set (I’d still like the mono for authenticity, but I saw the Stereo set at a good price) It was a good replacement for my audio-cassettes of Beatles tracks which I’d recorded from my Uncles CD’s during the 1990s. I’d get a pack of C-90’s and go round to his, we’d sit and go through hundreds of beatles tracks putting together mixtapes of Beatles. The Beatles were one of the first band’s that I really got into along with Queen (I still remember my Dad making me a cardboard replica of Brian’s red special!)

After I got the stereo set, I eventually tracked down the Anthology discs. Now my Beatles collection extends beyond official releases with bootlegs, alternate mixes, live recordings and more. Todays song though comes from Anthology Vol. 1 – Mr. Moonlight. This was a recent discovery for me and no doubt, when I make my next mix CD, this will feature at some point.

Todays post is also dedicated to my friend Hayley. She makes sure I can’t escape The Beatles in any way at all. I guess I’ll just have to put up with it then wont I….Hayley?

Mr. Moonlight
You came to me
one summer night
And from your beam you made my dream
And from the world you sent my girl
And from above you sent us love
And now she in mine
I think you’re fine
because we love you
Mr. Moonlight

Mr. Moonlight,
come again please
here I am on my knees
beggin if you please

And the night you don’t come my way
I pray and pray more each day
because we love you
Mr. Moonlight

And the night you don’t come my way
I pray and pray more each day
because we love you
Mr. Moonlight
Mr. Moonlight
Mr. Moonlight

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2 responses

13 01 2011

I like it, Daniel. I’ve never heard it before (I don’t think anyway). Many years ago, I listened to The Beatles music a lot. It was a favourite of many of my friends and we usually had their music playing at all our parties. Brings back memories. Thank you.

13 01 2011

I’m glad that it made you feel nostalgic – It’s one of the Beatles lesser known songs. Thanks for commenting.

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