A Song A Day: Jan 15th – Time Travel

15 01 2011

It’s been 2 weeks now since I begun posting everyday. As great as the postaday2011 challenges have been, I haven’t always wanted to blog about them. However, with the latest one about time travel and time machines, I felt compelled to blog about it. It also invoked the perfect song selection for me and I’ve not been able to better the choice. It was the first time that the song came to me instantly.

Time-Travel has always been one of the final frontiers for mankind. Some people say it isn’t possible. Some people say that it’s possible in the future, and people have travelled back to our time already (deep!)

As I raised on Aditi’s Twilight-Readings blog, would you go back to relive, or would you go back to change? That in itself raises another point; the old dilemma that if you alter something in the past, no matter how small, it could have drastic ramifications in the future. The postaday blog said that you could only have a 1 hour play on the time machine, so where would you go.

For me, that is nearly an impossible answer. It’s like trying to say which Pink Floyd album I love more, I just cannot answer it straight-up. Ask me now and I’ll give you one answer, ask me tomorrow and I could give a totally different answer. Despite this seemingly hard choice, there are two dates which spring to mind: March 16th, 2009 (specifically 12-18 to 13-18) It was on this day, at this time that I reconnected with my best friend after 3 years of no contact. It was a joyous reunion which I treasure amongst my days as perhaps being the best. To this day, I’m so grateful for every single moment I spend with her in my life. The second date would be September 3rd, 2010 (although I’ll forget about the hour rule here!) This was the day of my graduation. It was both a happy day and a sad day as a 3 year chapter of my life came to a close. Getting my degree was wonderful, being capped, gowned and standing on stage at the Grand Theatre (albeit briefly) was a heck of a feeling. Having overcome serious illness during the course and a handful of personal obstacles, it felt like a really big victory. One that I’m proud off to this day.

So whilst you’re thinking about your time-travelling dates. I want to leave you with this song by Joe Satriani aptly called ‘Time-Machine’ – Joe is an amazing guitarist, who I had the pleasure of seeing live last year. His music never fails to move me, and he is a huge influence on me as a person and a guitarist.

Normally I post lyrics to the songs, but seeing as this is an instrumental, that could be difficult. Instead, this is what Joe himself had to say about Time Machine in the booklet to his ‘Electric Anthology’:

‘Eight thousand feet above sea level at Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Mountains this song came to me. We were almost snowed in that spring, but it was beautiful all the same. I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of time travel as a way to explore the true meaning of one’s life, and this got inspired to write a theme song for such an adventure. I wrote this song entirely on a keyboard before getting the idea to transfer the arrangement to a dropped d tuned guitar. On the guitar the song fell into a heavier space that allowed for more expressive melody and solo exposition. But, it rocked too’

For me personally, this song is very mystical and the melody lines are very expressive, dynamic and powerful. If you close your eyes and think, you could see yourself time-travelling to this one.

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6 responses

15 01 2011

All I can say is Awesome! The photos are unreal and beautiful and the music is perfect! Very cool!

15 01 2011

Thankyou very much. I don’t think a post has come together so quickly.

15 01 2011

Daniel, your time travel events are beautiful! How wonderful to have such a good long-time friend. Very great to hear of your accomplishment despite obstacles! That IS huge. Very empowering.

I loved this piece and the video also!

15 01 2011

Yes. I’m very grateful to still be in touch. As daft as it sounds, it’s the people nearest and dearest to me who give me strength to get through each day. That sounds dramatic, but I’m sure how else to put it. Sarah gives me strength, my wonderful Milky (girlfriend) gives me strength. The music of Joe and his contemporaries give me strength and inspiration (as does a lot of music to be honest)

Overcoming my battle with excema was tough and challenging, but I hung in there and I did it. The song was a given as soon as I saw the post topic. I saw ‘Time Machine’ and instantly thought of Joe. I was reading a few blogs on this last night and it made me want to chime in with my thoughts about it. It was pretty cool being able to combine my personal goals for this blog along with the postaday topic. I’m really glad you enjoyed the song. Thanks for commenting!

15 01 2011

Thanks for posting this piece. Beautiful accoustics! Also love the pics that are in the video.

15 01 2011

I got lucky with the video I must admit. Thanks for commenting.

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