A Song A Day: Jan 18th – Tuesdays Unofficial Theme

18 01 2011

It’s Tuesday, which can only mean one thing for me. It’s Pub Quiz night! Come 9pm tonight, I’ll be there with my thinking cap hopefully screwed on in some way. My team (which is basically my folks and a family friend) won the other week and came joint 1st last time (but lost out on the tie-breaker) so hopefully this week will be our week.

The chap who quizmasters/dj’s always plays a fantastic selection of music. He brings proper professional equipment and it’s a decent operation, as apposed to the landlord just sat with a mic at the bar. This is far from your average pub quiz! The best bit though is at the end where we pit boys vs. girls in a race to name 20 correct artists. It’s basically a shout-out free for all and it’s just the definition of epic.

So how does this translate to the blog? Well, what i’ve dubbed as the unofficial theme of Tuesday nights is played several times throughout the night as he annouces the standings after every round is this song below. Originally from Rocky IV, it’s been used in pop culture a handful of times since (Family Guy’s ‘Something Something Darkside’ for example) The song always makes me think of the quiz and that nervy feeling where you find out where you’ve come!

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6 responses

18 01 2011

Good luck for the quiz!

18 01 2011

We came 6th out of 9th — But I got 10 out of 10 on the one music round so not bad. I had fun, thats the main thing for me.

18 01 2011

Now that would be an epic video to watch – you and your team competing (or having a blast of fun) in this Tuesday shoutout competition! Good luck – we are rooting for you!
Debbie :-)

18 01 2011

Well, hopefully tomorrow i’ll be able to report of a good standing at the end of things. The boys vs. girls section at the end is just wonderful. I’d love to be able take videos of everyday things, without actually having to have my video camera with me. Somehow I can just tap into a mental repository of videos and watch them. Like a memory, only longer and more involved.

Hmm… maybe i’ll try and get a little bit of video one week. Might be hard though.

18 01 2011

If it lives up to this theme, thats one hell of a pub quiz!

18 01 2011

It lives up to this theme. If you’re ever up my neck of the woods, you gotta come in haha. Thanks for commenting, Sarah

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