A Song A Day: Jan 19th – ‘If Impossible is Possible’ + Blog News

19 01 2011

Today’s song is one of my favourites from the last few years. I first heard this song in the Rock Band video games, and since then it’s been stuck firmly near the top of my iTunes. It’s a great song which flitters between laid-back sun kissed cool to giving-it-some rock and roll. It’s quite a simple song, but it’s so good. I feel as though the song is almost sun-kissed. I can imagine myself driving in an open-top car down a california road with the sun beaming down on me. This song makes me look forward to the summer this year, even more so after a lot of unwelcome snow! I present to you, Lazy Eye by the Silversun Pickups

I’ve been waiting
I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life
But it’s not quite right
And this ‘real’
It’s impossible if possible
At who’s blind word
So clear but so unheard
I’ve been waiting
I’ve been waiting for this silence all night long
It’s just a matter of time
To appear sad
With the same ol’ decent lazy eye
Fixed to rest on you
Aim free but so untrue
Everyone’s so intimately rearranged
Everyone can focus clearly with such shine
Everyone’s so intimately rearranged
Everyone can focus clearly with such shine
Lost and loaded
Still the same ol’ decent lazy eye
Straight through your gaze
That’s why I said I relate
I said we really need to **** to relate
It’s the room the sun and the sky
The room the sun and the sky
I’ve been waiting
I’ve been waiting for this moment…

Blog News/Updates/Info!! (Exciting!)

After some recent bad times. I’m just about back to my normal-self also. That’s made me feel a lot better. The sun is out in my hometown, I’ve got a nice hot cup of tea next to me and I’m thinking about my lunch. For those who asked about my Pub Quiz last night, my team came 6th place overall, but we did get 10/10 on the one music round (which gave us a very nice bonus point!)

Little bit of blog feedback required now though: Would you like to see some video countdowns here in the future, or do you prefer reading it in a more traditional, list way? Comment below or leave me a message on facebook/twitter. (Links Below)

Also, I’m very pleased to announce that soon I’ll be holding a contest here on the blog. I’m just working on the last few bits of research and then I’ll be putting up the details soon. The contest will be held around Mid-February so that’s just under a months time. I can though say, that there will be no entrance fee, and no limit as to the amount of times you can enter. This is one of several contest/compo’s/giveaways which I hope to be holding throughout 2011.

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6 responses

19 01 2011

I like it how it is … I listen to the music and usually read through the words since you can’t always understand the lyrics at times. If I had to choose between video or words, I would go with the video since the emotion is there. A music contest…sounds Fun (only hope I can pull off acting smart on this one!)
Debbie :-)

19 01 2011

Thanks for your feedback. People seem to enjoy things as they are, so I think that when I put a special post up. I’ll stick to blogging in this way for the most part. I’d like to try video out in the future though. A music contest (of sorts) is coming. The prize is music related, but entering the competition requires little to no music knowledge so everybody will be able to join in. As long as you can type really, you should be ok!

Thanks for commenting!

19 01 2011

I like the format as it is, but maybe you could do a weekly video, just to mix things up a bit?

Glad to hear you are feeling better/back to your old self too. Good news!

19 01 2011

A weekly video – hmmm, that is food for thought *goes to grab a smoothie!!!!!!!!*
It’s nice to feel me again – I’m eating more again – which is normally a sign of how well I am. The more I eat, the better I am — I’m lucky in that my weight don’t shift much! – Thanks for commenting.

19 01 2011

A contest? Yay! Is it about music or not necessarily related to this blog’s theme?
Regarding your video countdown/list question I’m not sure what you mean by that so sorry for not being too helpful…

19 01 2011

It will be something to do with music! One of several throughout 2011 on here.
As for the countdowns, would you rather me do it as a video (i.e. piece to camera, clips of music videos also) or just present as a regular blog post/

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