A Song A Day: Jan 30th – Weave Me Through A Dream!

30 01 2011

Yikes, I feel like this month has absolutely flown past! It’s almost gone, on Feburary is here already? It’s 7 days until Chinese New Year and the Superbowl! It’s only 15 days until Valatines day also! Ok… who is hiding my 2011, and where have you put it!

It’s a Sunday today, which can only mean one thing, taking it easy. Sunday is the one day of the week where we are allowed to rest and go with the flow. Today’s plan is roughly sketched out. Watch Andy Murray win the Australian Open Tennis, and thus end a 70+ year wait for a British Grand Slam champion. Then I shall keep an eye on some video games I’m bidding for on ebay (yes, i’m one of those bidders who likes to watch the auction until the last few seconds, and sneek in with a bid when the counter is displaying single figure seconds) I’m also making a roast dinner along with my parents which will be good. Gives me an excuse to plug myself into some music whilst I do the vegetable prep and such forth, before eating dinner and getting ready for what might just be the single greatest TV show in the world… Top Gear.

Incase you haven’t noticed, I’m in a happy mood as I’m typing this! So today’s song post is going to reflect that. Ever since I posted Still Alive from Mirrors Edge a short while back, I’ve wanted to post the other Still Alive song which plays at the end of a video game… Namely Portal. However, today’s post isn’t that song. As light hearted and as whimsical the song is, unless you’ve played Portal from start to end, the song may not make a lot of sense and would come across as some kind of geeky indulgence!

So, I started to have a little think about a song that would be fitting for a lazy easy going Sunday. I decided upon a great offering from 4hero and Carina Andersson called Les Fleur. If this song doesn’t make you feel good and brighten your day, then I should think about seeking medical attention! The vocal performance is superb and and the chorus is so huge it goes off the scale. Whenever I hear the lead into the chorus and the chorus itself, I can’t help but to think off an imaginary movie scene to go with it. I can just picture two lovers who thought they would never see each other again running through an airport to meet one another whilst this song is playing, with them running faster and faster and the shots cutting between each lover faster and faster as they get nearer and nearer, resulting in a climatic embrace as the chorus kicks in proper. The chorus is that euphoric!

Also, I had a cracking idea for this blog tonight… The forthcoming Wednesday’s post should be interesting, I’ve thought of a clever little play on words and Wednesday is the perfect day to post it. You’ll see why, It’s one of those things I can’t believe I didn’t think sooner!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy todays song. Les Fleur by 4hero and Carina Andersson.

BTW, I have no idea if this is the official music video, either way, the visuals fit very well with the song. I was pretty amazed the first time I watched this back!

Will somebody wear me to the fair?
Will a lady pin me in her hair?
Will a child find me by a stream?
Kiss my petals and weave me through a dream

For all of these simple things and much more a flower was born
It blooms to spread love and joy faith and hope to people forlorn

Inside every man lives the seed of a flower
If he looks within he finds beauty and power

Ring all the bells sing and tell the people everywhere that the flower has come
Light up the sky with your prayers of gladness and rejoice for the darkness is gone
Throw off your fears let your heart beat freely at the sign that a new time is born

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4 responses

1 02 2011

I think it has to do with copyright issues. Youtube is not willing to pay licence fees or sth like that to the German GEMA…it’s annoying…

1 02 2011

That’s really unfortunate – How is dailymotion, vimeo or google video for you?

30 01 2011

It’s such a pity that many videos are made impossible to watch in Germany by Youtube – like this one! I’ll see if I can find it somewhere else… :((

30 01 2011

There’s youtube censorship in Germany? That’s ridiculous!

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