A Song A Day: Jan 31st – Victory Is Mine!

31 01 2011

When I first conceived the idea for this blog, I didn’t really know how I’d feel about it. Sure, it was something I had passion and dedication for, but since starting this blog, it’s excelled all expectations I had. I was thinking about the blog since around mid December, then I discovered the postaday2011 challenge and that really inspired me to make a dream become a reality. Today is the last day of the first month, and to be honest,

barely a moment has gone past this month where I’ve not been thinking about this blog. Songs, ideas, do I do this, do I do that etc etc. I really want to thank each and every person who has come to this blog and read the blog, left a comment, subscribed, bookmarked, tweeted and whatever else you’ve done. You’ve really made me smile and I value each and every single reader here.

V is for Victory!

So, onto todays post. Continuing with the theme of the victory, todays offering touches upon a very special part of my childhood which I still relive and enjoy to this day. I remember about 9 months ago now, I was about to turn my laptop off after noticing I’d strayed into the wee hours of the morning (you know it’s late when the hours are in single figures!) yet for some reason, I felt compelled to check my email inbox. BOY! I’m glad that I did. I’m subscribed to the ticketmaster newsletter thing, and the email was that Michael Flatley was reprising his role as Lord of the Dance for a string of special performances as a ‘victory lap’ for the fans.

This immediatley got me reaching for the wallet. I didn’t even care they cost £55 a ticket! To put it into context. I’ve now seen Michael live 4 times since the 1990s (this being the 4th, 3 times for Lord of The Dance (I was fortunate to be at the last ever uk performance on the original run when I was about 9) and once for Celtic Tiger) — to say I’m something off a diehard hardcore fan is true. After watching my recorded version from the TV for 96th time, the video broke. I now have all the shows and soundtracks across VHS, DVD and CD (sometimes multiples. Heck! I even have my 1997 tour t-shirt stashed away safely) I’ve probabaly watched the show in excess of 250 times (total guess, but could be a fair estimation!) So, I grew up watching the show and the chance to see it live with Michael performing one more time was an oppotunity to good to miss. I asked Milky if she wanted to go (we’d been together a few weeks by this point) showed her the website and she came along. She absolutely loved it from start to end. To try and convey how much it meant to take my girlfriend to see it would be impossible, but it almost felt like a baton passing. When I’m still in Primary School my parents took me to see it, and now 13/14 years later I’m taking my GF to see it. It almost felt like a combination of my life. It’s the childhood days fused together with my twenty-something years. The thing that really struck me is how universal the show is and how someone from the otherside of the world and a culture quite removed from the UK/west can sit there and keep a permanently fixed smile of breath-taken awe for 2 hours! Anyway. I’m beginning to ramble here so I’m going to go ahead on post the video. This section of the show is called ‘Victory’ and is the first of 3 finale pieces if you like. This paticular video is taken from the ‘Feet of Flames’ concert (which is essentially Lord of the Dance uncut!)

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