A Song A Day: Feb 1st – The Next Step!

1 02 2011

Wow! I can’t believe it’s Feburary already! Where did January go? It feels really good to have hit the first milestone on this wonderful journey through music. I’m going to continue right where January finished, and I’m still going to commit to posting everyday and responding to EVERY comment I receive on this blog. February is going to be a very exciting month on this blog. There is a giveaway approaching very soon, there is the first of the special features coming soon and some exciting content to be made for this blog. Make sure you bookmark this blog and subscribe to keep up to date with everything. Now, onto today’s post!

You can see the signs of spring slowly begin to emerge through the tailend of the winter. I’ve noticed that the nights are getting longer, there’s a little bit more daylight and some of the flowers in the garden are slowly starting to come into life. I noticed some buds beginning to form! Before long I’ll be able to go about getting ready to make up some vegetable beds! I look forward to the day I can go out to the garden and pick up some lettuce for my lunches.

Today’s post came about after thinking about that feeling. Being able to walk out into a warm garden in the sun and tend to the vegetables. Checking the various patches, watering them and being able to take some cuttings for friends and family. This year I really want to get out in the garden more and make an effort with growing my own. It’s a first for this blog, in that this piece is a classical piece. This wonderful piece of music encouters so many great feelings and warm cheer. I can really picture myself waking up on a sunny morning and starting my day right, with this piece playing in the background. Todays offering is Morning by Grieg.

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8 responses

1 02 2011

Excellent…another gardener among us! I can image a video showing the garden harvest set to this music..very inspiring! We are awaiting a blizzard today – the worst since 1967 (I was 6 and remember it very well). Will be thinking Spring as we weather through this!
Debbie :-)

1 02 2011

Budding gardener is a better description – it’s a new year resolution to do more and get stuck in whilst my parents are out there. It should be a fun and healthy hobby, plus I get something to show for it afterwards. Awaiting a blizzard eh? In the UK this winter we had more snow then I care for! Quite frankly, if I never see another drop of snow in the UK, I’d be a very happy bunny. I’m looking forward to spring and summer this year more then ever before weather wise! Thanks for commenting.

1 02 2011

Ah, you have no idea how close you’ve come to stealing my thunder with this one. I have something lined up for a few days time which will explain all.

Wishing you a great day, Elaine :)

1 02 2011

Why is it we seem to blogging in parallel? *hums twilight-zone theme* — Your song a day blog is very interesting and a great read everytime! – Thanks for commenting!

1 02 2011

Daniel, Woohoo I am excited for all the stuff that you gonna introduce. I am not a very musical person when it comes to English songs :D so at times I am at loss of words when it comes to commenting on your blog. But hey i love to read your thoughts and motivations behind your posts.
Keep them coming :)

1 02 2011

Fingers crossed the new content coming will be very good. I’ve a few ideas up my sleeve of how to present it! Not English songs you say…What sort of music are you into yourself, maybe I can feature something along those lines in the future. I always try and detail the motivation and thoughts. It’s sometimes hard to do, but it’s very rewarding to write about it. Thanks for commenting!

1 02 2011

Well, Daniel , I am from India, so i am more into Indian/bollywood music. I do listen to English songs, not like i am totally oblivious to it but i can say in the ratio of 30:70 :D

1 02 2011

My immediate thought was Mathar by Dave Pike Set – Not sure if it’s pure indian but it has that indian vibe going on. Ravi Shankar also sprung to mind. I’ve listened to some more traditional music from india before now. I have a playlist on Spotify which I’ve setup which is just for world music. I remember whilst I was working as a volunteer theatre assistant at the university theatre during my degree days, the one show was a mass celebration of indian culture. There was dance, song, music and comedy. I was in the right wings of the stage, just beyond the front row so I had a near perfect view of the stage. The piece I really remember was a percussion piece on what I later found out were called Tablas. I really like the sound of the instrument and the hand dexterity of the players is really quite something. I was pretty amazed and just how different the sound was depending on where the drum was struck. I remember being in the auditorium before the public came in and they were I think tuning the drums with the silver hammer. Forgive me if my termonology and knowledge is ‘newbie’-esque. Thanks for commenting, Aditi

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