A Song A Day: 3rd Feb – ‘I’m Beggin’ You’

3 02 2011

If somebody would like to inform me as to the whereabouts of the last 24 hours I would be very grateful! Seriously, they’ve come and gone like I don’t know what! However, on the good news front I had my 2nd best day yesterday for hits so a humongous thankyou to everybody! It’s a wonderful feeling.

Answers On A Postcard...

I’m in a bit of a retro mood as I write this post. I’m feeling all nostalgic, and I’m not quite sure why. It’s a nice feeling though. I’m relaxed on my bed with the laptop in a happy place. Ive changed over my DVD shelf today. Took some ones out I wasn’t watching as much and exchanged them for some ones which are neglected, or unwatched (I’ve had Old Boy on DVD for nearly 2 years now unwatched!) – One of the DVD’s I brought out to watch again was my Grease set. By the way, that’s not the song choice today either. There a couple of versions of this on DVD. The version I have is a 2 disc set in a posh case and slipcase/sleeve with Grease 1 and something called Grease 2. As I recall there was no Grease 2, and it was all a figment of imagination, and it’s really just a misprinted coaster…

Why am I telling you this I hear you ask… Well, in Grease the Theme Song is sung by Franki Valli, and this got me thinking. I first heard this remix of a Franki Valli song in Second Life thanks to my friend Jools (who sometimes reads this blog) – he played me this great remix of Beggin’. One of the things I liked about it was the fact the majority of the original song remains intact and unchanged. Think of this version as Beggin’ – The 12″ edit. It’s a highly infectious tune even in it’s original form, and this version only serves to further that motion. I also remember hearing this version on a Nike advert (at least I think it was Nike) So yes – Here is todays offering: Franki Valli & The 4 Seasons – Beggin’ [Pilloski Re-Edit]

This video is kinda abstract…in a good way!

Put your lovin’ hand out, baby
I’m beggin’
Beggin’, put your lovin’ hand out, baby
Beggin’ you, put your lovin’ hand out, baby

Ridin’ high when I was king
Played it hard and fast cause I had everything
Walked away, wonderin’ then
But easy come and easy go and it would end

I’m beggin’ you, won’t you give your hand out, baby
Beggin’, put your lovin’ hand out, baby

I need you to understand
That I tried so hard to be a man
The kind of man you’d want in the end
Only then can I begin to live again

An empty shell I used to be
Shadow of my life is hangin’ over me
Broken man that I don’t know
Will leave it standing, devil’s dancing with my soul

Beggin’ you, won’t you give your hand out, baby
Beggin’, put your lovin’ hand out, baby

I’m fightin’ hard to hold my own
No, I just can’t make it all alone
I’m holdin’ on, I can’t fall back
Now that big brass ring is a shade of black

I’m beggin’ you, give your hand out, baby
Beggin’, won’t you put your lovin’ hand out, baby

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4 responses

4 02 2011

This video is great
I only first heard the track when Madcon- a norwegian group re-did it their video is great too

4 02 2011

Koyannisqatsi changed my life and my outlook on film. I’ve not heard the Madcon version, I might check that out. Thanks for commenting!

3 02 2011

Now that is different and gosh talk about a song from the past! Glad you had another great blog day! We spent the last 24 hrs shoveling out – about 2 ft of snow came to visit.
Debbie :-)

3 02 2011

Yes – I think it’s a good mix of modern and retro! — 2 ft of snow? GOSH! That’s pretty high. Hope you are all ok – February and your still shovelling snow – Wow!

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