A Song A Day: Feb 5th – A Terribly English Post

5 02 2011

Incase you don’t know yet, I am british and I’m pretty proud to be so! If there is one thing the British do well, it’s a good old fashioned jolly knees up. We have some wonderful live music events which are a great part of our culture. The two that spring instantly to mind are Glastonbury and The Proms, and it’s the latter which is the starting out point for todays post. This was also inspired by a couple of recent postings on the all round brilliant blog over at http://seycen.wordpress.com/ – I swear one of these days, we’re gonna post the same song on the same day.

Every year I watch a couple of the proms concerts over the season on the TV, but normally make sure I’m around the TV for the Last Night Of… Attending Last Night of the Proms is on my bucket list, but I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon. Fortunately for the inhabitants of the UK every year a wonderful tour comes a couple of cities away called Classical Spectacular. It’s essentially LNotP but with some added goodness and one MASSIVE lights and effects show which normally involves multiple rigs, lasers, smoke machines and as is often the case pyrotechnic explosions.

I went to see the show last year with Milky (4th time personally, 1st for Milky) – Considering the scale of what they do and the near 2 and a half hour set, you cannot argue with what you get for your £35. The programme changes a little bit each year, but last year was expcetional. They were doing the Sailors Hornpipe (seriously, where the heck has this gone from LNotP), Bolero, Pearl Fishers, Figaro (Barber of Seville) and my all time favourite piece of music, The 1812 Overture. The flyer said with live musket fire and cannons…………………

Now, I’ve experience what it’s like when they roll out the cannons for the 1812 overture and the musket fire. Milky (and seemingly everybody around me) didnt and they all lept about 2 feet in the air when 4 big cannons, musket fire, and controlled fires with explosions all go off at the same time on cue. However… I shall save musing about the 1812 for another time.

Today’s post is about the Sailors Hornpipe. I’d spent the day with Milky today, we went out for a roast dinner cavery with my parents after a wonder round the shops before going home via the cake shop. All in all, it was a fantastic day, and Milky said I should put a happy song on my blog to reflect todays mood. That, and coupled with the fact she was sending me photos of ourselves from last year made me think about the Classical Spectacular concert. Once again proving that music is the internationl language of the world, Milky loved it. Despite being a quintessential British event with Rule Britannia, Land of Hope and Glory and a lot of union jack waving, Milky really enjoyed it. I think the Sailors Hornpipe is just so British! So here it is… In double! The first video is a Professional production from The Proms and the second is a recording from the Classical gig me and milky attended (not shot by me, but aptly found on youtube and I felt compelled to share, despite the video not doing the light show justice, the atmosphere is there)

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