A Song A Day: Feb 9th – The Last 24 Hours

9 02 2011

Someone once penned the words ‘what a difference a day makes’. Whoever did, they were an absolute genius in my view. I know what I’m about to say is totally cliche but the last 24 hours have been an absolute rollercoaster. A strange mix blending highs, lows and the lolwhat! I was ever so tempted to go on an absolute rant to end all rants about something that happened, but in light of recent evidence, that wouldn’t make sense, nor is it really justified anymore. Enough dwelling on that, crisis aborted.

Anyway. On a much more cherry note, I have some very good news. Remember a short while back I mentioned about the possibility of some writing opportunities coming my way. Well, those opportunities came my way, and I’m very pleased to be contributing articles to Obsessed With Film. I’m going to be writing two articles a month. Soundtrack Of The Month and World Cinema Showcase. I’m so very excited about both of these. It feels so good to be writing about film!

I checked my emails tonight, and I’ve been given an invite to look around a theatre in a nearby city with the intentions of joining the technical staff on a casual basis. Whilst I am very excited about this chance. The fact I sent the email out AGES ago (I think late summer/autumn) makes me chuckle, but yes, I’m grateful for the chance and the invite. It’s going to be good to look backstage and see what they want. Hopefully my skills learnt on the video ropes can translate to the theatre (some do) and I can do my bit. You never know. I first got into video through an interest in technical theatre LX (lighting and sound)

So yes, two very nice bits of news which were topped of by some little bits of joy (such as a good score on Team Fortress 2!)

Anyway… I need a song to post don’t I! Because it’s Wednesday, I’m going to go down Wordless Wednesday Lane and post up an instrumental. However, this is more then just a random song that I like. This is a cut from what might just be favourite album of all time (along with Aja by Steely Dan and The Garden by Unitopia)

For me, one of the pleasures of listening to music is just sometimes (usually at night) putting your headphones on in a darkened room and just sitting back letting the music wash over you. Sat there and seeing allsorts of wonderful imagery form inside your mind. Call it synesthesia, call it vivid imagination or whatever, but there are just some wonderful pieces of music which can invoke such wonderful and surreal imagery in my head. The first time I heard Metallic Spheres by The Orb and David Gilmour I was in awe. The piece I’m bringing here today is called Hymns To The Sun (from the Metallic Side) and is one of the highlights of the album. I get a shiver down my spine nearly everytime I listen to this. I crank my stereo up to as loud as I can fairly get it for this. So many memories within. Once I got the album, I listened to it everyday (sometimes multiple times per day) for about a fortnight. It’s that good. The imagery in this video is just like what you get with your media player on your computer. Stunning. A wonderful combination of imagery and audio.


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4 responses

9 02 2011

Congratulations….fantastic news! So happy for you :-))

9 02 2011

Thanks! I’m dead chuffed about it!

9 02 2011

Daniel, this is fantastic news! Good going! I’m so happy for you.

I have a lot of listening catch up to do, but I’m so happy I was able to get your fantastic news today.

9 02 2011

Thanks, Marianne. I’ve noticed you haven’t been around as much, I had wondered where you were! Nice to see you again. Thankyou for your kind wishes about my news. Fingers crossed the theatre invite leads to something special!

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