A Song A Day: Feb 14th – Monday Mornings, Valatines and Giveaway Draw!

14 02 2011

It’s Monday! My favourite day of the week. That may shock a few, but I always like that feeling of a new week bringing new goodnees and that. I have a good week planned. I’m spending time with Milky, I’ve got some potentially exciting job prospects on the table also! I’ve been invited to the Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre to take a look around backstage in a meet and greet session. I’m very much looking forward to it – It could be a fabulous opportunity for me. I became interested in Video and Film via an initial interest in LX for the stage and some of the skills translate across. Fingers crossed!

I’m also going to be stepping things up on this blog. I’ve got a neat idea and want to see if it’ll work – More to follow naturally! Before I get onto the songs, I need to attend to the matter of who won The War Of The Worlds CD in my recent giveaway competition.

Thankyou to everyone who visited my blog and subsequently followed me on twitter and the link. It’s great to have your support. As for the giveaway, there are 112 entrants in the draw. They’ve been numbered as the comments came in. I used the random number generator over at random.org to pick out a number between 1 and 112 inclusive. As you can see from the image the winner was entrant number 66!   That means the winner of the giveaway and soon to be receiving a brand new copy of Jeff Waynes Musical Version of War Of The Worlds is…. lazyboyblue – congratulations to you. I’ll be making contact shortly to arrange posting. Well done! There will be more giveaways in the future if I have my way!


Now, that’s sorted… onto today’s posting. It’s valatines day in the UK so I can’t realistically post anything else besides a message to my wonderful girlfriend Milky. It’s fast approaching one year that we’ve been together now and I’ve loved every moment. I still find it hard to believe that even though we were born thousands of miles apart our paths crossed like they do. I’m very grateful for every moment you give to me. From the bottom of my heart, I love you and here’s to a wonderfully prosperous future together! 我爱你我的漂亮! – You know my ventures into Chinese contemporary music are limited, but everytime I hear this song I think of you. This one goes out to you.

The Song is in Chinese, but English subtitles are in the video!

On an unrelated random note also, I’m writing out a post about a love song, yet I’m actually listening to some heavy metal as I write – such are my spotify playlists!

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2 responses

14 02 2011

Congratulations to the winner lazyboyblue! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Milky – such a sweet post!
Enjoy your day,
Debbie :-)

14 02 2011

Thanks, Debbie. It was a good day, we spent the afternoon snuggled under a duvet watching dvd’s eating chocolate. Sometimes you have to make room for the important things in life!

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