A Song A Day: Feb 17th – ‘The Prelude’

17 02 2011

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet because I’m a little bit pressed for time! I really should start using the flux capacitor on the side of this posting screen to make it easier! Instead of always writing around midnight/1AM. It’s my ‘write time’ though, as I’ve mentioned previously on this blog.

I’m a customer of LoveFilm in the UK which is an onilne DVD/BD and Game rental service. I got a good deal recently as a ‘returning customer’ — I’m ventured down the road of getting games along with my films this time. This morning my first dispatch arrived. A new BD of The Valley (French film…. BTW, BD stands for Blu-Ray Disc) and Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3. I’ve not played the Final Fantasy games for a little while (I remember Final Fantasy VII being one of the must have titles on the PSX, along with Tekken, Driver, Metal Gear Solid etc) FF13 comes reccomended by a few websites and maybe more importantly, friends.

One of the things which drew me back into the series was hearing the ‘prelude’ again. I saw/heard it recently on a Screw Attack video in which they went through the best music in video games. I then watched a few videos of the ‘Video Games Live’ concerts on youtube, and heard them playing it on there. It’s a gorgeous little piece of music which has adorned every final fantasy game since they started IIRC. It’s gone from 8-bit beepy goodness to this now lush orchestrated wonder. When I die and go to heaven, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is playing at the pearly gates. It just has that mysterious angelic etheral quality about it. I can’t wait to play FF13 and hopefully enjoy it.

This is the Final Fantasty Prelude by Nobuo Uematsu – This version is from a disc called Distant Worlds 2, which brings together music from the FF games.

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