A Song A Day: Feb 22th – About to Happen!

22 02 2011

One of the things which I never really gave much though to when starting this blog was the dreaded writers block. Whether you believe it or not I’ve been suffering with it the past few posts. It’s becoming that little bit harder to post each time. Hopefully though this is just a passing phase!

I’m extremely nervous yet excited about this coming Wednesday. I’ve been invited to the Birmingham Hippodrome theatre for a meet and greet session. I’m sure i’m overly-nervous about it considering, but it could potentially be just what I’m looking for. My specialities lie in sound (I’ve got limited lighting experience also) so I’m hoping I can be of service there. It’d be great to work in an environment such.

Something Important, Is About To Happen!

Why is this relevant? Well, the past few times I’ve travelled into Birmingham, I’ve ended up playlisting my iPod for the trip in. There is one song that featured on a playlist, but has also been my wakeup song (as in CD alarm clock) before now. It’s a wonderfully inspirational song from Icelandic singer Bjork (yet sung in English) The track is called Big Time Sensuality. There are several versions of this song (each quite different from each-other) although the one which I’m going to feature here is ‘The Fluke Minimix (I think, there are several versions of this arrangement…confusing I know)

The song itself is very uplifting. In fact, I described not long ago to Milky by saying that ‘…you can fly on the song’ – There is a real euphoric quality about this song which I just love. The opening bars and the synths there within set the mood and the beat/groove which enters after just sets the whole track in motion. The lyrics resonate universally also. We’ve all had that feeling that something important is about to happen or something big/exciting is right around the corner. I think the lyrics do a great job, they are simple, direct and to the point.

I hope you enjoy this song. Big Time Sensuality by Bjork!

I can sense it
Something important
Is about to happen
It’s coming up

It takes courage
To enjoy it
The hardcore and the gentle
Big time sensuality

We just met
And i know i’m a bit too intimate
But something huge is coming up
And we’re both included

It takes courage
To enjoy it
The hardcore and the gentle
Big time sensuality

I don’t know my future
After this weekend
And I dont want to!

It takes courage
To enjoy it
The hardcore and the gentle
Big time sensuality

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2 responses

23 02 2011

Stick with it DJ, there’s only another 300 or so days to go and we’re counting on you ;-)

But Bjork is proper rubbish. Proper rubbish.

23 02 2011

I know little of her music, this is about where it starts and ends. This and Oh So Quiet! – Nice to get your opinion also.

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