A Song A Day: Feb 26th – Long Long Journey + Dedication

26 02 2011

I don’t quite know why, but today I feel sleepier then I’ve felt in a while, maybe being out and about the past few days has caught up with me. There is good news in that I can see a damn sight better today (see what I did there?) I can comfortably keep my left eye open now, which is always nice to be able to do!

The Journey Ahead...

Hopefully, I’ve been clever (or lucky, whichever you prefer) with delivery times and that with the post. Tomorrow is shaping up to be a nice family day with Mum and Dad. I’ve got Tim Burtons version of Alice in Wonderland coming in the mail as a film rental, plus hopefully a darts game for the Nintendo Wii. That, combined with some microwavable popcorn (I love that stuff… is it just me, or does it the bag have a habit of getting stuck in the microwave?) means it should be a good day. I’ve also got Skate 3 coming as my other rental (I got a rather nice deal with LoveFilm… returning customer, read a code online which gave me 3 months free as a returning customer, but it said it was expired… tried it anyway et voila, so i’m making the most of it before my payday!)

Anyway, I’m going to keep things shorter today, and get into bed and crash out in front of the TV.. I’ll try and stay awake for Family Guy (I tend to watch it every night, irregardless of how many times i’ve seen each episode!) but it’s starting at 12-25am – I’m tempted to miss it – I could do with a PVR in my room! Oh… the good ol’ days when VCR’s prevailed (there’s potential for a nostalgic posting there, everybody loves a bit of nostalgia…right…?!) It’s just dawned on me that I’ve had a McDonalds twice in 3 days… Not sure whether to feel proud of that, or to feel shameful of it!

Today’s song is a dedication to my partner in blogging crime, Aditi. She’s beginning to struggle with the postaday challenge, which is something I’ve felt and I’m sure others reading this may well of felt. As fun as it is to do, It’s not always the simplest/easiest thing to do. Earlier today, Aditi said she’d like some inspiration and such like to get into a blogging mond again….so, Aditi, this song is for you. Long Long Journey by Enya.

Aditi has 2 great blogs: Twilight Readings and Adobe Passions and Creations. The latter is self explanatory, but the former, in Aditi’s own words…’My random MUSINGS, tonnes of SMILES, brilliant THOUGHTS, vibrant COLORS and lots of STYLE’ –

City lights shine on the harbour,
night has fallen down,
through the darkness
and the shadow
I will still go on.

Long, long journey
through the darkness,
long, long way to go;
but what are miles
across the ocean
to the heart that’s coming home?

Where the road
runs through the valley,
where the river flows,
I will follow every highway
to the place I know.

Long, long journey
through the darkness,
long, long way to go;
but what are miles
across the ocean
to the heart that’s coming home?

Long, long journey
out of nowhere,
long, long way to go;
but what are sighs
and what is sadness
to the heart that’s coming home?

Whilst we are talking about shoutouts… I’d like to give a virtual shoutout and list a couple of blogs I’ve been enjoying recently and have discovered since going down the postaday road! All of these are well worth checking out!

So yes, I urge you to check out the above blogs – they’re all fantastic. I’m sure there are many more I’ve missed out – but that early night is becoming less and less likely as 1am fast approaches! Take care and see you again tomorrow….

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8 responses

26 02 2011

Daniel, You are the best!

Thanks for such a lovely post.
Debbie, big hug to you as well :)

Daniel, Well yea i have been struggling to post every day, and i so wanna keep on doing the same. Thanks for awesome words on FB, Twitter and post. I am loving our small group on fb, we all are here for each other when someone is feeling a low or confused or wanna know certain things about blogging etal. Aha, thats how support groups works i guess:D.

Btw, Enya is my fav always, her angelic voice is just sooo soothing. I heard her song for the very first time in the movie “Sweet November” (btw lovely movie) and since then i am her fan. Luckily you posted her another beautiful song. You are starting to know me more and more :)

All the bloggers you mentioned are SUPERB, their pages definitely fall under “MUST VISIT CATEGORY”.
Thanks once again to you Daniel and to all the above mentioned bloggers.

26 02 2011

I’m glad that you saw this – I know that this humble blog isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but it’s my little outpost on the internet. I’m glad though that you have read and enjoyed this post and that hopefully it will make you feel better. Just like yourself, once I heard Enya I was hooked, and that was back in the mid 90’s! – I don’t think I’ve seen Sweet November, but tempted to check it out now.

Thankyou for your kind comments and this wonderful comment as a whole!

26 02 2011
gitika partington

hey glad the eye is coming back into its own…I also find it difficult to retire to my bed unless i have a double shot of family guy, and ditto, even if i have seen them many many times before….it was on late last night!
thanks for the shoutout
have a good weekend.

26 02 2011

Yes, this morning it’s almost back to normal, a bit dry around the eye itself, but nothing my strong excema cream couldn’t handle (it’s basically industrial strength/weapons grade Vaseline) A night without Familky guy does indeed feel odd. 12-25 though last night!! Yeah, I stayed up for it! The double bill of two pints before that was nice also. I do enjoy that show too – slowly collecting them all on DVD! – You’re welcome for the shoutout, and thanks for commenting!

26 02 2011

Thank you – what a sweetheart you are for mentioning all of us! I hope Aditi enjoys this .. so kind of you! And your day with Mum (Mom) and Dad is smashing <—can I say that? (we don't say that here)
Thanks Daniel,
Debbie :-)

26 02 2011

You’re welcome, it was no doubt inspired by your Feature Friday angle. I hope she enjoys it too, she’s a top gal! Her recent blog post was superb – I reblogged it above. Today should be good. Both the game and films came in the mail/post. I’ve just got to operate and extract my BD player from the cable spaghetti that is my television and hook it up to the TV in the lounge, so we can all sit on sofas and armchairs. I’ve got the microwave popcorn on standby, today is going to be a cracking day IMO! — You can say smashing, that just means really good or excellent in England. I’ve got a friend in Georgia who I skype with, she says that she’s learning British English talking to me… it’s amazing, we’re divided by a common language! There are lot’s of little words and phrases that we use over here in Merry England that Americans have never heard off. I’ve got a very dear friend or two in New Mexico, and he’s constantly amazed and swears i’m speaking in code haha – Take care Debbie, thanks for commenting!

26 02 2011

thank u for sharing this one. Enya has been a big part of my soul’s evolution, her songs speak volumes.

And for tonight, this song hits home for a dear friend who is also seeking solace. perfect timing!!

26 02 2011

Enya is one of the artists that I grew up with and her music still is so good to listen too. I hope that one day I can see her perform live, but i’m doubtful. I believe I get style points for posting in time with your life! Thanks for commenting!

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