The 30 Day Song Challenge: 3/30 – A song that makes you dance.

2 03 2011

Dancing is not something I do often, nor is it something that I’m any good at! I think the closest I’ve come to ‘dancing’ is my 21st birthday party, which was fun I guess, if not totally my scene. I’m feeling a little distracted at the moment, I’m working away on my top 10 films post which i’m doing in conjunction with Seycen (Dark Vador) for the 14th… I’ve got an idea and I want to run with it.

I guess you could say that the closest I come to the dancing these days are the various poses and such like which I cannot help but throw whilst playing my guitar. It’s a rock-guitar thing. Posing in front of the mirror is part of the fun, and totally unashamedly so!!)

Actually, now that I think about, it’s time for a guilty pleasure song. I’m going to make no attempt to justify this… Simply put, I cannot – but it’s fun.

Back to working I go – will blog in more depth tomorrow!

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2 responses

10 03 2011

Oh, I like that one. Good dancing song. Never heard it before tho. Maybe one day I’ll be able to dance to it. Thanks Daniel. I’ll save it in my “like” file.

10 03 2011

It’s about as cheesey as it gets, but it’s very good fun…I found on my 21st, it seperated the dancefloor, loads of people left, but loads of people jumped on it! Thanks for commenting!

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