The 30 Day Song Challenge – Day 12: A song that makes you want to have sex.

12 03 2011

Now, when I was discussing the in’s and out’s of this list with Delancey (who is also doing this same challenge) we both had to have a chuckle and a laugh at this one, pretty much avoiding talking about what song could possibly satisfy this criteria. My choice of viewing isn’t really helping this one along either. I’m engrossed somewhat by a wonderful compilation show on BBC4 at the moment of all blues performances from Jools Holland shows. We’ve had Robert Cray, Buddy Guy and now Jeff beck. Jeff Beck is one of the few players who I could listen to play all day. No-one plays the guitar like Jeff, he breaks rules, boundaries and finds notes and sounds on the guitar that no other guitar player can find. Anyway… that is a different post for a different time. I’m digressing again!

I don’t really associate sex with music that much if I’m honest. I did think of sexual healing by Marvin Gaye, but I wouldn’t say that makes me want to get between the sheets. It makes me think of sex, but not actually want it. Then, I remembered something someone said to me about an enigma song, and that the tempo of the beat and the groove makes them ‘horny’ – I’m not going to name the person, but since then, I’ve never heard the song in the same way again! The funny thing is they have a point. I can see what they mean, and now that I think about it, I see what they mean.

So without further ado, the track which makes me want to have sex…Sadeness Part 2 by Enigma

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15 03 2011


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