The 30 Day Song Challenge – Day 13: A song you sing in the shower.

13 03 2011

I had to have a sweet delightful chuckle to myself when I saw this subject come up. I’m terrible for singing in the shower, I sing, but not very loudly, but I sing nonetheless. I’ve got one of those bathroom radios which sits on the wall, which is tuned to the local radio station, so I get a nice little range of music coming my way, some of which is humming along, or singing.

I’m actually torn as to what to do here – and to which song to go for. One thing which amazes me is how many song lyrics or chorus’s I know! Just a shame none of the songs come up during the music round at the pub quiz where the question is ‘missing lyrics’

I’m going to go through a bit of a disco classic I think, and a song that has a lot of memories for me – there is at least one reader to this blog where if I was say to DJBaroque live at the BSC, she’d instantly be teleported back to a time…hmm – food for thought. Maybe I’ll delve into my past a later stage and talk about how the DJBaroque name came to be. In the meantime though however, I’ll be leaving you in the capable hands of Bacarra and Yes Sir, I Can Boogie!

Your eyes are full of hesitation
Sure makes me wonder
If you know what you’re looking for.
I wanna keep my reputation
I’m a sensation
You try me once, you’ll beg for more.

Oh, Yes Sir, I can boogie
But I need a certain song.
I can boogie,
Boogie woogie
All night long.

Oh, Yes Sir, I can boogie
If you stay, you can’t go wrong.
I can boogie,
Boogie foogie
All night long.

No Sir
I don’t feel very much like talking
No, neither walking
You wanna know if I can dance.

Yes Sir
Already told you in the first verse
And in the chorus
But I will give you one more chance.
Yes Sir, I can boogie….

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4 responses

15 03 2011

I never heard this one before. Looks like it could be from the early 70’s. I remember wearing my hair and dressing like this in my early 20’s.

15 03 2011

It has that disco sound doesn’t it?

13 03 2011

ha ha ha
I love this track
we sing it in the correct regional accent too ( though I only just found out they were spanish we were doing cod-slovenian!)

have a good day:)

13 03 2011

I think next time I’ll have to try this. I normally just sing it however – which involves mumbiling my way through the bits I forget !

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