March 18th: What’s Happening…?!

17 03 2011

I’ve decided to abandon this 30 day song challenge. I’m no longer enjoying the challenge, and blogging about it has become a chore rather then an enjoyment. I’m not able to post the songs I want, nor talk about some of the things I want too either. I’ve missed two Wordless Wednesday’s now so far this month because I’ve been doing the 30 day thing. I wasn’t able to be myself doing so. I’m going to go back to posting like I was before March.

Some of you may also be wondering where the top 10 films post is. Well, to be perfectly honest, it’s not here because of 2 main reasons. The main reason being the way I wanted to do it, was taking too much time, and secondly, I’ve had a major blow in my homelife so I’ve had to take stock and reassess things. However, I’m on the bounce back and I seem to be doing ok in myself.

Hopefully this change will get me fully back into my blog, and without the constraints of the challenge, which was very limiting. It felt like the blog was driving me, and not the other way round.

Anyway… March 18th onwards… I’ll be returning to normal things on this blog. Note to self, don’t undertake any future challenges like this. Apologies to Dark Vador too– my film post will be up soon…




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18 03 2011

I came across this blog this morning. What a gem- I love it! I reblogged this post because I really liked this song :)

18 03 2011

whoopsies. lies..reblogged the one above this. but anyway…great blog :)

18 03 2011

No need to apologise, I’m not going anywhere!

I’m finding part of the fun of this is following each others ups and downs. Sharing the good days and the bad. It really helps to see that others struggle at times too. It seems (seemed?) like such an easy and simple thing, but when you actually commit to it, it’s a bit of a trial at times. Like any kind of long-term relationship I suppose ;-)

Keep on keeping on, you fellow bloggers need you. And I’m sorry I haven’t been more responsive to your comments, I do read and appreciate them. It’s a struggle to find the time to write the post in the first place at the moment!

18 03 2011

Thats very kind and thoughtful of you, Elaine. Thankyou for your kind words and support!! I know I’ve been bulk commenting on your blog when I’ve been playing catch-up, glad to know you don’t mind that hehe! I enjoy reading your thoughts and hearing your choices.

What you say about each others ups and downs is true. It’s sort of like a life lesson, and the knowledge, experience gained within here, is pretty remarkable. You learn things about people and yourself, which I didn’t expect to learn when setting the blog up.

Thanks for commenting!

18 03 2011
Peter Weis

Its tough. I find my self struggle to post even a sentence or two some nights.

18 03 2011

Aye, that was me at some points, struggiling to fid the words to bulk out the posts. Hopefully now though things should be better

18 03 2011
March 18th – Life Goes On… « My 2011 Music Diary

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17 03 2011

Be yourself … I find myself at conflict with the time issue since spring is upon us and I much rather be outside doing what I enjoy. So I think that is what I will do and share with others the peace and joy I find there.
Debbie :-)

17 03 2011

Thanks for your support, Debbie. It really does mean a lot!

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