March 19th – Discoverer

19 03 2011

Don’t you just love those wonderful little moments in life where you are completely lost in the moment? I was sat at my computer tonight, deep in spotify listening to music and playlisting songs together. Delved into a few film soundtracks, and some computer game songs to boot! It’s also comic relief tonight, so I’ve been watching that on mute also. There was one of the most brilliant sketches on there involving some of the biggest celebs in the world, actors, musicians, MP’s, presenters, comedians etc. They ranged from Gordon Brown to Justin Bieber via Paul McCartney and Keira Knightley. When it’s on youtube, i’ll link it up here, it’s well worth a watch.

Anyway, onto todays song. This is from another recent release which I first heard on Spotify. I think I listened to the album 3 times the first day. Collapse into now is a true return to form (not they ever really lost it to be fair, but it’s more of a classic REM sound if you know what I mean) from the Atlanta trio. I’m a big fan of REM’s work, and it’s nice to hear they’re firing on all cylinders. Around The Sun was good, Accelerate didn’t get much rotation for me, but Collapse Into Now hit the nail right on the head.

I saw a trailer/preview on youtube of the band playing in a room together and the music was just flowing. You could tell that something was clicking, and since then I’ve been excited for the album. Peter Buck came out afterwards and gave some traditional ‘best album yet’ comments, which, whilst leaving me excited, made me think the usual ‘can it live up to the hype’ type thoughts.

It did…

The track I’m presenting here today, is the first track of Collapse Into Now called Discoverer.

Hey baby this is not a challenge
It just means that I love you
As much as I always said I did
I was wrong
I have been laughable wrong
Sandpaper, paper, mache, chalk
And hung out wet

On the city and your skin now
I didn’t have to be afraid
I didn’t have to feel so stupid
I can see myself
I can feel


That just the slightest bit of finesse
Might have made a little less mess
But it was what it was
Let’s all get on with it now
Discover (repeats)


Floating across Houston
This is where I am
I see the city rise up tall
The opportunities and possibilities
I have never felt so called
Remember the vodka espresso
Night of discovery
Remember that


Oh how I look back and reflect
How I felt it
How it set
I don’t have to feel so wrong now
I wake up dreaming saffron
Turmeric and brass


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