My Top 10 Favourite Classical Pieces – Part 2

1 04 2011

In the last post, I revealed my favourite pieces of classical music 10 through 6. Now it’s time for part 2 which takes you from 5 through to 1!

#5 – Beethoven’s 5th Symphony– Dum-dum-dum-dummmm….. Dum-dum-dum-dummmmm ~ yes, everybody knows the intro. This song holds special memories for me, it was the first ever piece I requested on radio! Classic FM back in the late 1990’s lunchtime requests with Jane Jones. I even got to introduce the song! Part of me still want’s to be a DJ properly (some of you may of heard DJBaroque elsewhere!) Despite the intro, and the funky disco version in the 1970’s, this piece of music is very good. A definite mood and wonderful dynamics throughout. One of those pieces that I’ve grown up listening to and is forever etched in my mind!

#4 – Pomp and Circumstance March No.1 – Another, +1 for England! I know and have spoken to a lot of people who reckon that this should be our national anthem, more so then God Save The Queen. Now, that can be debated until the cows come home, but the one thing we can all agree on is how undeniably British this song is. Wonderfully provocative (in a good way) it graces numerous classical concerts every year. All for one very good reason. All together now “Land Of Hope and Glory…” – does anyone actually know the lyrics for the 2nd bit onwards or do we all just rely on the Proms Red Button?

#3 – Capriccio Italliano – This is where this list gets tricky for me, trying to round of this list with my top 3, and actually pick said 3 pieces is a lot harder then it sounds. This piece though, has to be in the top 5 at least. I’ve always liked Tchaikovsky’s pieces, and this is no exception. A truly great song which changes mood, tempo and everything throughout. From that moment the opening fanfare hits, you know it’s going to be good and it is. I received a set of CD’s for Christmas many many years ago (like when I was 7 or something) and this was one of them, It was there that I fell in love with this track, and all these years down the line, it still remains a perennial favourite. That’s something special in my opinion.

#2 – Rhapsody In Blue – Another hard choice, but I think I’d have to say that Rhapsody in Blue is well placed at number 2. It has always been a favourite since the first time I heard it. Conjuring up images for me of New York in yesteryear this piece has some wonderfully jazzy overtones and a highly identifiable intro with that trill and glissando combination. This song gets heavy rotation on my iPod. I did umm and arr about placing this a few places back, but I’m right to place it hear at number 2. I do listen to it a lot to be fair.

So lets recap where we are….

  • 10 – Bolero
  • 9 – Rule Britannia
  • 8 – Canon in D
  • 7 – Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto in Eb No. 1 – Allergo
  • 6 – Listz’s Hungarian Rhapsody
  • 5 – Beethoven’s 5th Symphony
  • 4 – Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1
  • 3 – Capriccio Italliano
  • 2 – Rhapsody In Blue

The number 1 choice and by far the easiest choice to make in this entire list is………

#1 – The 1812 Overture – Easily and without a doubt my all time favourite piece of classical music. I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to this piece, and it still gets better and better with each and every single listen. Nearly 16 minutes of pure listening pleasure. I’ve tried this song out on every audio system I’ve owned and headphones alike… even blown a pair of headphones with this song! Posing a huge dynamic range, the piece of music just fills you with good spirit throughout and by the time that ending comes with the orchestra in full swing, the live canon fire and explosions, then the huge finale. Nothing sounds this good to my ears. I wouldn’t just say this is my all time favourite piece of classical music, but all time favourite piece of music ever. Regardless of genre!




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