A Song A Day: April 3rd – I’m scaring because I’m caring!

3 04 2011

Some of you well recognise todays tag line right off the bat, and if you do, then help yourself to a cyber cookie! I’m been quite fortunate recently in that I’ve been able to make good of some on offers on BD’s – thus bringing my collection up to 4. I’m still a high number away from worrying my DVD count! (I’m thinking of making a DVD collection post)

The good ship Disney is offering 2 for £20 at the moment which is worth going for. Besides, it’s Disney, who doesn’t enjoy a good Disney film from time to time. It’s Disney for crying out loud! It’s either that or I’m just a pixar-addict. I was able to pick up Toy Story 3 and Monsters Inc. in that offer above. I watched TS3 the other night and I have to say, the quality of the transfer onto BD is staggering. It’s such a vibrant, colourful and detailed image it’s unreal. I’m hoping that Monsters Inc. follows suit. After all, it might just be my favourite Pixar film overall. I already own it on DVD twice (once when it came out, and as part of the Pixar box-set)

Today’s post is right up Sunday’s street. For some reason, I always like to listen to jazzy type music on a Sunday, and that’s exactly what this piece is. This is the first piece of music that you hear once you start playing the film and as I recall it was on the DVD menu also. I must of watched Monsters Inc. so many times it’s got to be in double figures. I even watched it in hospital once I came out from an operation. Monsters Inc. and ham sarnies…I’m easily pleased clearly!

Just a little update about blog #2 – thedigitaldomain.wordpress.com – trying to shoot for post-a-day on there as well as doing it here was a bit more work than I had envisioned. I’m going to say that there is no fixed posting schedule on that one, but it’s still going to be updated regularly.

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2 responses

3 04 2011

Haven’t seen the Monsters movie, but I did see the Toy Story series and enjoyed them very much.

3 04 2011

I can highly recommend Monsters Inc. The animation and what they achieved was great

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