A Song A Day: April 7th – Healing Faith

7 04 2011

Can I put my hands on you...

Before I do anything I’d like to give a shoutout if you will to my blogging cohort, Paula. She’s recently started to blog again and I’m really glad that she’s back. She has a great blog which manages to find a balance between witty, funny, open, honest and interesting. Why not check it out and leave her a comment?! You can find it at http://paulasstory.wordpress.com/

I’d say the main contributing factor in buying a DAB radio for me can be summed up in two words. Planet and Rock. Before I brought my DAB system (going back a few years) I used to use the digital TV decoder on the TV which picked up DAB broadcasts (kinda cool) I’m a rocker at heart, so the one that really stood out was Planet Rock. The music choice they played coupled with the fact I like to play guitar certainly made it a sure-fire hit with me.

It’s definitley helped me in discovering some new music from both years gone by and modern day acts I may not of heard about (Black Country Communion anyone?) Today’s post is concerned with discovering a classic from a time gone by. One of the main reasons I like Planet Rock is the fact they don’t bombard you with stupid amounts of adverts or inane DJ banter. Neither are they afraid of playing full length-versions of songs and entire sides of albums even at times.

Another positive about DAB is the digital readouts you get. I can look at my radio’s LCD panel and find out song title/artist if I’ve not heard it, or I’m unsure. This how I found about todays song. I’d heard it before, but never knew what it was called or who it was by; just that I’d heard it before and thought it was cracking.

It’s a dark number with a hypnotic keyboard hook running throughout almost. The intro builds one instrument/layer at time which creates a very good sound. The vocal performance is also noteworthy, you can really feel what he’s singing.

Today, I present to you…Faith Healer by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.

If your body’s feelin’ bad
And it’s the only one you have
You want to take away the pain
Go out walkin’ in the rain
You watch the flowers go to bed
Ask the man inside yah head
Your spirit never has to grieve
All yah got to do’s believe

The faith healer
The faith healer

All yah got to do is feel
Your body’s going to start to heal
Fingertips and holy fire
Everlasting sweet desire
It don’t matter what the doctor said
The healer man will sail away
Immortality for two
The miracles, can come to you

The faith healer
The faith healer

Can I put my hands on you?
Can I put my hands on you?

The faith healer
The faith healer

Faith, and hope and charity
It’s simple relativity
He can make you understand
All make up to take his hand
Remember when somebody said
Ask the man inside yah head
The fingertips of holy fire
Everlasting sweet desire

The faith healer
The faith healer
Can I put my hands on
you? Ahhh…
The faith healer….

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