A Song A Day: April 8th – Don’t Unplug Me.

8 04 2011


I want a pet Tux...

It’s hard to fathom it, but anyone who’s undertaken the post-a-day challenge will be approaching day 100 this weekend – that’s at least 1 blog post a day for 100 days straight. That’s a very big achievement in my books. Nearly a 1/3 of the way through the challenge!

As of now, I’m also a member of blogcritics. I had an email talking about who they are and what they do. Has anybody else had any experience with them, or do they use/write for blogcritics themselves? If so, leave me a comment or drop me a line/message somehow (see contact page above)

In the past few days I’ve been getting ubuntu linux under my belt. I had it on my previous laptop as a dual boot but before I really got to know it, I ended up loosing the laptop to a severe graphics card malfunction. Now I have it back and I’m absolutely loving it. The amount of open-source software which is freely available is staggering and much like the iPad or iPhone – ‘there’s an app for that…’

So, with today’s topic loosely connected to technology and that, I began to think about apt songs along the lines of that theme. Then I remembered about a song that my friend Simon had sent me in the form of a Youtube video. I won’t lie to you, the song is a total geek fest, but it’s one of those totally awesome things that only happens when the geeks of the world combine with the interwebs.

The song’s premise  is kinda simple. There are two ‘robots’ who are in love, but one of them is due for an upgrade, however when the one is upgraded to version 2, things are not quite as they were before. The song is a light-hearted electro-pop romp that’s actually kinda catchy and cute.

This is a popular music video created by ‘Meekakitty’ – The actual song is called Don’t Unplug Me by the All Caps.

Don’t unplug me
or just shut me down
Please just love me
with your steel heart
I’d reboot you
If you’d look at me
With those cold eyes
One more time

I remember, our software was compatible
I think I felt my circuit board ignite
You held my hand in your metallic grip
We may be machines but I’m in love tonight

Baby there is something I have to say
I think it’s time for my upgrade
I would look so good in version two
But I promise that it’s me, not you

Don’t unplug me
or just shut me down
Please just love me
with your steel heart
I’d reboot you
If you’d look at me
With those cold eyes
One more time

Can you hear me, you haven’t moved an inch
Is this a system failure, what should I do?
Your new interface it seems to have some bugs
You’re not responding, I think they broke you

Hello and welcome to version two
Tell me what can I do for you?
What is a hug that does not compute
Please stand by for my system reboot

Just got the memo
about this upgrade to version two
it removes extraneous programs
that means emotions like loving you
I don’t wanna lose myself
or ever have to say goodbye
I want to hold on to my consciousness
I don’t want to die




2 responses

8 04 2011

Geekfest for sure…so cheesy, it’s actually fun! I enjoyed the video!

8 04 2011

There is nothing wrong with a nice bit of cheese or geekery. In this case the two combined to make something epic! I’m glad you enjoyed it, Thanks for commenting.

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