A Song A Day: April 18th – Monday Morning Is Arriving

18 04 2011

Good morning there bloggers! I hope you had a good weekend. It’s Monday morning once again, time to welcome in the week and look forward to the challenges ahead.

One thing I’ve discovered is I need to take more photos. Yesterday we had the first harvest from our garden, namely some Rhubarb which went into a very nice mum-made crumble. Served with custard as pudding to the Roast Gammon dinner it went down very well. I’m looking forward to having more harvested goodness from our garden.

Last night was fun also, watching Toy Story 3 with the parentals, tucking into plenty of popcorn before getting settled afterwards for TNA Lockdown. I’m so easily amused :p

Today it seems fitting that I share with you a little Monday morning music (damn, I sound chipper at the moment!) This is one of my favourite pieces of music to start a day with. It put’s you in the right mood, it’s joyous, happy, upbeat and elegant. You can almost picture the sun breaking over the horizon, casting a glow across the land to this song. I can’t help but feel that there is something rather English about it also. It just has that feel to me.

Today, i’m sharing Arrival of the Queen of Sheeba by Handel.

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