A Song A Day: April 21st – Rock & F’n Roll!

21 04 2011

Well, it’s good to be back… I managed to make it out of the aperture science labs still alive, and now I have my freedom back… Incase you haven’t worked it out yet, yesterdays post and what not is a nod to the fact that Portal 2 has been released at long last. GLaDOS was the main point of Portal 1… and I refuse to spoil Portal 2 with it being so new… But the game is flippin’ awesome, so much so I was up until 4-30am playing it the 1st night before finishing it off tonight. Money well spent. It’s quite possible that it’ll go on to win game of the year. It’s a contender for greatest video game of all time IMO.

I’m in a right rock ‘n’ roll mood at the moment. I’ve been talking about doing some online recording collab with some friends from uni and the extended network that brings, which has got me in a real musical mood, especially some hard rock. I’ve chosen to share with you today a track from one of the greatest rock bands ever. Guns and Roses, and namely the rock tour de force that is You Could Be Mine.

Now… to go check out the Portal 2 Co-Op Mode.

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2 responses

21 04 2011

I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I’m glad you’re having a good time ;-) Boy do I feel old!

21 04 2011

Portal 1+2 are computer games. Very good computer games. They’re puzzle games essentially, but in the 2nd there is this huge narrative going on. I=Very highly recommended.

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