A Song A Day: April 22nd – I Know What I Like

22 04 2011

What do you think to the new blog theme. It’s the newest theme on WordPress, Mystique. I saw the announcement, took one look at the accompanying screenshot and thought it was gonna be a premium theme. However, it’s a normal theme, and as such, totally free. It was promptly applied here. I’d like to thank DigitalNature for creating such a piece of wickedness.

sunflowerIt’s been an absolute cracking day here weather wise, which has led me to digging out a few summer tunes. I’m enjoying waking up to the nice sunny weather and having the light nights. You gotta love the breeze coming in through the window, it’s really nice.

There are some great family times lined up this weekend. A 4 day weekend. Some roast dinners and games planned. I certainly won’t argue with that. I’ve seen the chicken crowns and turkey breasts we’ve got in and I cannot wait. It almost feels like Christmas with the nice turkey .

Anyway, onto the music. I said above that I’ve been in a summery musical mood. The track I’ve chosen today reminds me of summer for some reason. I think it’s largely in due to the intro section. It just has a bright, positive sound to it. The lyrics also reinforce this fact. Talking about the sun beating down and it being lunchtime. Apparently, you can also tell he is a lawnmower, because of the way that he walks. Pretty surreal, but hey! this song was released in the 70’s where anything was possible. Considering the band responsible for todays song it makes sense. I am of course talking about the geniuses that  make up Genesis. I really dig the band…The Gabriel era naturally. Whilst the Collins era was good, it was nothing compared to the Gabriel era. The epic prog-rock masterpieces created there within blow anything Post-Gabriel out of the water. Foxtrot, Selling England By The Pound, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway to name but a few… and of course, Suppers Ready (if God had an iPod, Suppers Ready would play first)

The specific track from Genesis I’m sharing today is called I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) It’s taken from Selling England By The Pound. I really hope you enjoy this track.

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2 responses

22 04 2011

I love this theme too, it rocks! Just moved my blog to Mystique too :D

22 04 2011

It’s one of the best WP themes I think now. Nice move on adjusting your blogs theme hehe.

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