A Song A Day – Vintage Trouble: You’re new favourite band…

24 04 2011

Don’t you just love it when you discover a new band? The answer is of course yes, and last night I discovered a group who completely blew me away. I was watching the repeat of the Jools Holland show (which is always worth a watch) and one of the bands which he featured went by the name of Vintage Trouble. Considering they only had a few minutes to perform their songs they completely stole the show for me, even taking a bit of thunder away from Hugh Laurie (yes…the actors) musical performances (which were decent also, as was the whole show to be honest) but like I say… Vintage Trouble were the stand out band.

When I put my computer on this morning, after the obligatory email/Facebook reading I straight away fired up Spotify and searched for them. They sound just as good on the album as they did live on the show. The bands sound is a mixture of blues rock and soul music. The singer possess a superb voice and has a stage confidence which channels the spirit of James Brown. Throw in some tasty blues guitar work, and a healthy dose of groove and you get the Vintage Trouble sound. However, don’t just read this… Play the video below of Nancy Lee then go out and buy The Bomb Shelter Sessions Album. Seriously. It might just be the best disc you buy all year.




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25 04 2011
Amanda davies

so glad i tuned into Jools………..a fantastic change to the usual pap thats on there…..Vintage Trouble, my new fave band…..excellent! Unfortunately their tour doesn’t include Wales…..i am so sad!Please come & pay us a visit!!

26 04 2011

I usually find goodness on JH, every time more or less. Thanks for commenting.

25 04 2011
Chase Cannon

Love Vintage Trouble, I’ve been following them here in LA for a little while and Ty Taylor is by far one of the best singers I’ve ever heard and I’ve heard some good ones. If you like them, you’ll probably like Ground Zero too, another awesome LA rock band. VT is a mix of blues and soul, GZ is a mix of blues and rock. If you like Zeppelin, I’m sure you’ll like both Ground Zero and Vintage Trouble…


25 04 2011
Jessica Cintiano

Love love love, both of those bands. It’s nice to see Vintage Trouble getting some recognition, hard to believe they’ve only been around about a year. Ground Zero’s right behind them! Can’t wait for their album!

25 04 2011

That’s 2 comments today about Ground Zero… Interesting – Thanks for commenting, Jessica

25 04 2011

Thankyou for telling me about this band, and for commenting.

24 04 2011
Jamie Macpherson

Agreed. I watched Jools Holland and was blown away and did the exact same. I went on Spotify and the album will be purchased this week.

24 04 2011

It’s some of the most refreshing music I’ve heard in a while, and it’s nice that a proper band is getting some attention instead of some tarty singer autotuned on top of some keyboard samples. Instead, with VT you’ve got a unit who have bothered to learn their instruments, refine their sound and play proper music! Thanks for commenting.

24 04 2011
A Song a Day – Day 114 | Dark Vador

[…] was very tempted to replay djbaroque’s tune for today – Nancy Lee by Vintage Trouble. What a great tune! I’ll save it for another day. […]

24 04 2011

Ooh, never heard of ’em before, but gotta agree with you, this is great. Even on just one listen. Vintage Trouble. Mental note made.

24 04 2011

I hadn’t heard of them 48 hours ago. It was only because I was watching Later… with Jools Holland and they were on there. Like you say, a mental note was duly made!

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