A Song A Day: April 30th – Keep Your Hands To Yourself!

30 04 2011

Wow… It’s another month down already?! Blimmin’ heck, where is the time going! Month #5 already. I’m beginning to loose track on this year. I’m feelin’ pretty rough as I write this. I think I’m coming down with a cold. I seem to have a weird combination of being blocked and having a runny nose simulatainously coupled with the general aches and pains. My apetite seems to be up and down more then a fiddler’s elbow also.

I’m going to take tomorrow easy, hit the paracetomol, get a good nights rest and make sure i’m in tip top fighting shape for my new job start next week. 15 past midnight now so I think it’s late enough to be awake, especially working on my blog. I’m going to sign off now, and leave you with one song which feels so good to play on the guitar. It just fits nicely ‘under the fingers’ as we say in guitar-speak. Keep your hands to yourself by Georgia Satellites.

Tomorrows post should be more in depth!




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