A Song A Day: May 2nd – Pizzicati Monday!

2 05 2011

Monday Morning Breakfast...

In something that has become an unplanned thing here on this blog, Monday seems to be a popular day for posting classical music. I’ve talked before here about how much I enjoy this genre of music, growing up with it somewhat. Whenever I post a classical piece on a Monday I aim to make it light hearted and happy. The kind of music which makes you feel good, makes you smile and puts you in a good mood.

I only learnt the name of today’s piece about 6 months ago, despite having heard it numerous times and always somehow managing to miss the name. I heard it on Classic FM and made sure I scribbled it down a post-it note; at last… I had it written down!! It’s called Pizzicati, composed by Delibes from the Sylvia Suite. Whilst that may not mean much to you… you will probably recognise it when you hear it.

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One response

22 11 2011

Nice to find your blog! Thank you for a nice post, put a smile on my face to hear Delibes. I hereby follow you on twitter! (We are: TuttiTessiture) Hope to hear from you, maybe you’ll drop by at: http://singersonline.wordpress.com/

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