The DJBaroque Summer Update

30 07 2011

Yeah, I kinda failed the postaday challenge, and yes, I did neglect the blog a little bit, but at least I feel comfortable and ready to post again. I should explain though that from now on this blog is going to be about more then just music. I really do want this to be a platform for more then just music, even though I do love music, i’ll still be posting music posts no doubt, but maybe not quite in the same way or frequency then before.

I took a sizeable chunk of time away from the blog, mainly to have one massive RL cache clear and sort out. Amongst several things, the main thing is, I now have not one but two jobs which is great. I love them both and it feels almost indescribable to be finally earning my own crust after nearly a 10 month wait post graduation. Applying for more jobs then you can remember applying for, attending interviews, workshops, sessions etc; all that boring stuff. I consider myself very lucky to say that I enjoy both jobs and look forward to each working day. I’m now a website co-ordinator at my local primary school by day and a theatre steward by night. The bloke selling the ice-creams during the intervals… that’s me! The bloke ripping your ticket and showing you to your seat… that’s me! The bloke who is cleaning the theatre at 2am only to go home and be back for 11am the next day… that’s me! I wouldn’t have it any other way. The work is great, and the people I work alongside with (for both jobs) are the nicest people you could wish to ask for, so quids in on that one!

Today I went and signed up to the one of the local gyms. I had to leave before due to illness, but now I’m all good to return and workout in my spare time. I’m on a 6 week summer offer at the moment. I figured it’s cost effective, and if I do get bored of it after a few weeks, i’m not tied to some contract I really don’t want!

It’s also meant to be summer here in England… I feel lied too.

I also want to be dead cheeky and plug a twitchat happening this sunday (a chat on twitter) at 5pm Eastern — which is 10pm for all those English people like me. The hashtag you wanna look out for is #fantasygamechat — it’s self explanatory. Those of you who are familiar with the regular #fantasychat hashtag will be right at home. It’s ran by the same folk. Video games and the like came up during last weeks twitchat, and we thought we should make it separate, and we made it so :D – Keep an eye on this blog for more:

Yes, keep an eye here for more coming soon! Nothing is out of bounds now I guess :D – I’ll guess that I’ll leave you on a song and all that, just because. This song is stuck firmly on repeat at the moment. Loving this band, one of the best around at the moment. I quite like to think of them as the new Deacon Blue (which is a very good thing) – Noah and The Whale – Tonight’s the kind of the night!









2 responses

31 07 2011

It’s good to see you back at last :-)

31 07 2011

Yeah it took a while, but here I am :-) nice that some people have been twitting about me and communicating. Plus, it’s nice to see you commenting as ever :D

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