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31 07 2011

Keep an eye on this blog, please!

Can’t wait. It’ll be starting in about half an hour.  I have decided I don’t want this blog to just be a repository for the #Fantasygamechat archive, although that will be part of the function of the blog. I hope to make it a place that people can come to all week for information about Fantasy Gaming.  I want to tie it in to the chats every week – maybe have articles that expand on the topics that come up in chat. I know that just ike in a pen an … Read More

via #fantasygamechat


A Song A Day: 26th March – What If Tetris…Had Lyrics?!

26 03 2011

What if Tetris had lyrics? Well, this is one of the many conondrums of life, but was answered by a guy called Brentalfloss on Youtube. He specialises in video game music (especially retro nintendo titles) reworked with humourous lyrics. He’s given the brentalfloss treatment to Mario, Zelda, Megaman, Ducktales, and more.

Yes, I am revealling my inner-nerd here (we all have one) but it’s just too funny not to pass up. Today’s song shouldn’t be taken too seriously clearly, but a light-hearted piece of fun taking the mickey out of a video game classic.

There are some slightly adult lyrics in here – just a quick warning incase you have small children nearby. But, nothing majorly offensive!

(One-y and a two-ey and a three and four)
Shapes made of four colored blocks like a T or a box come down like falling bricks
You can place them in rows, but everybody knows that they made this game for chicks (HEY!)

Mom just loves to flip and stack
Grandma says this shit is like crack! (Well it is!)

This is the game girls deserve, there is no learning curve
Which makes it great for noobs (grrreat for noobs!)
It will fill you with glee, especially if you have a vaj and boobs (HEY!)

Your mom loves it, mine does too (mine does too)
Call me sexist, bitch it’s still true (just kidding about the bitch part)

Deep in a girl’s dainty brain, there’s a spot near a vein (Right here)
Which regulates their bliss (The T-spot)
Once they see falling blocks, the T-spot unlocks
And they start to sing like this (SING!)


Here is a trick I have learned
To avoid getting burned
When you piss off your chick (I’m so mad!)

If you sing this on key,
Immediately she’ll forget that you’re a dick (Try it!)

LA LA LA LA (I’m still mad.) LA LA LA (Is that the Tetris song?)
LA LA LA LA (I love Tetris!) LA LA LA (I’m happy now!)

Tetris helps when chicks want to neuter us (Snip, snip, snip)
If you love it, you probably have a uterus!

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