This page is where I’ll be posting various articles, still on the topic of music, but as additional bonus content to my postaday2011 challenge which is a 2011 musical diary. I’m posting a song a day throughout 2011 as a diary/journal of sorts. However, I want to blog about other things on or around the topic of music. I’m going to be updating this page less often then once a day. At first, I’ll try for once a month here at least, and if it goes well, I’ll increase my posting rate. It’s been so encouraging and rewarding to read peoples warming responses to this blog so far that it really has inspired me further to push myself and to invest more time and work in this blog, which is something I really want to do. It’s very good to have a project like this I can get my teeth stuck into. Don’t forget to follow me/contact me for all of the latest info and happenings with this blog. You can find all off the required infomation and links here. I look forward to your continued support, comments. It’s really valued personally.

SPECIAL POST #1 – TOP 5 MUSIC FROM THE MOVIES! http://wp.me/p1grkX-4F


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