A Song A Day: April 11th – No Way To Slow Down!

11 04 2011

You'll see what I did here....

We’re now into triple figures now on this blog. 100 songs, 100 days and nearly 700 comments since January. I’ve had over 4000 views since January and I even broke 200 views in one day alone way back when. I have no intentions of slowing down though!

I’ve had an easy weekend, with a family meal and a nice lazy sunday. Some wicked pork-steaks with apple sauce and the obligatory crackling alongside!

I’m hoping that the weather we’ve had this weekend extends into the week ahead. It’s been nice waking up and sitting in the evening with the breeze and sunlight coming in through my window. The temperature even broke the 20oC mark!

I’m pretty tired as I write this, so I’m going to get some sleep and leave you with one song which I’ve been enjoying the heck out of recently.

Stay tuned for some exciting info also soon!

Today’s song is Jethro Tull’s masterpiece, Locomotive Breath

In the shuffling madness
Of the locomotive breath,
Runs the all-time loser,
Headlong to his death.
He feels the piston scraping —
Steam breaking on his brow —
Thank God, he stole the handle and
The train won’t stop going —
No way to slow down.
He sees his children jumping off
At the stations — one by one.
His woman and his best friend —
In bed and having fun.
He’s crawling down the corridor
On his hands and knees —
Old Charlie stole the handle and
The train won’t stop going —
No way to slow down.
He hears the silence howling —
Catches angels as they fall.
And the all-time winner
Has got him by the balls.
He picks up Gideon’s Bible —
Open at page one —
God stole the handle and
The train won’t stop going —
No way to slow down.

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