A Song A Day: May 1st – It’s Time To Agitate

1 05 2011

May? It’s May already? Blimmin’ heck time is moving fast. Seems like only yesterday I was setting up this blog and thinking about some of the music I’ll be able to post and the fun that I will no doubt be having… and still having! It’s nearly 6pm now as I’m sat here writing this, and earlier this year, and what feels like last week it’ll be pitch black outside and the night would of been settled in. I’m looking out my window and there is plenty of daylight, the trees are full of leaves and it’s summer is right around the corner. I’ve had a weird combination of cold and hayfever the past few days – it’s outstayed it’s welcome and I’m not a big fan of blocked noses, especially at night!!!

Anyway… I’m really looking forward to May because it’s when I start my new job! I’m going to be working at my local primary school one day a week – helping to keep their website ticking over. I’m super excited and greatful for the oppotunity.

I’m going to kick May off with some new music from a trio who go by the monkier ‘The Agitator’ – I’m not 100% sure what to class them as but alternative covers it some what. They’re very upfront and in your face… in a good way. It’s ‘no frills’ music. I’ve only heard a couple of tracks from them via spotify, but the one which has had me reaching for the replay button a-plenty is one track called ‘Give Me All That You Got!’

The song is an absolute stonker of a tune. Simple and minimalistic in design with just vocals and percussion. Rip-roaring it’s nature and instantly infectious. Derek, the singer has one meaty pair of lungs at his disposal and he chocks out his words with a stark and somewhat refreshing conviction. I really hope that this group takes off.

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