A Song A Day: Feb 24th – Blurry Blogging!

25 02 2011

This is a perculiar typing experience. I seem to have developed conjunctivitus in my left eye which basically means i’m typing this with pretty much only one fully working eye! My right eye is tickety-boo, but my left eye is all bloodshot, puffed up and watering rather a lot. I look like a reject from a Sci-Fi B Movie! It’s seems easier to keep that eye shut and just use my right eye. My glasses aren’t really making much difference at this point. Everything has a subtle out-of-focus look to it at the moment, unless I open my left eye, at which point everything goes nice and sharp again. It really is perculiar!!! I think I get +1 points for randomness!

I was so tempted to post Blurred Vision by Queen, which on title merits is highly apt, but on song/lyrical content, quite the opposite. It’s basically One Vision, the 12″ version, which for casual everyday listening isn’t such a bad thing, but I wasn’t feeling like it was blogworthy.

So after some deliberation and mulling over, I suddenly remembered what day it was! Friday – and considering that we won the football match i mentioned last time, and that I have some potentially good news coming about the Hippodrome experience, I believe I should be thinking happy and positive, after all, I am in a good mood here! Just that I can’t see very well at the moment. So I’ve gone for an uptemo feel good number called Woo Hoo by The 5, 6, 7, 8’s

For the 2 minutes that this song lasts, I challenge you not to sit still. This song will make you wanna get up, boogie around the room and just let yourself go… for 120 secs! Hey, that’s got to be a good thing yes! At the very least I imagine some rhythmic tapping of the feet will occur!

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A Song A Day: Jan 23rd – Something Completely Different

23 01 2011

This night-time blogging lark seems to be working! So far, so good on the switch-a-roo. Trouble is… I’ve misplaced my iPod. I had it when I came back yesterday, had it in the night… I’ve put it somewhere safe, yet too safe to find it.

Over the last 24 hours I’ve had some very nice comments and feedback on this blog, so for that, I really want to thankyou. I always make sure I reply to each and every comment, and I always will. It’s nice to know that the music I post here is going out to people all over the globe and that it’s touching your lives in a number of ways. From a simple ‘I enjoyed this song’ to ‘I can relate to these lyrics, I’m off to download this song’

After several hours of deliberation, I’ve decided to throw a curve ball and go for something completely different here. This song I first heard whilst at my girlfriends university halls earlier this year. I found the melody really enchanting and the song to be very beautiful. The song is from a japanese anime so as such is sung entirely in Japanese. I don’t really know what’s being sung, but the song is very beautiful and the music is strong. If any japanese speakers read this who are able to translate or give me some indication as to what’s going on, then that would be greatly appreciated. This is Dango Daikazoku from Clannad.

Also… I’m thinking of themeing certain days… I don’t know yet though. It’s all down to what you want to see here. Leave me a message below, and I promise, I won’t change anything if you don’t want it to change. I’m happy doing things as they are. But I’m thinking of making one day a week just for instrumental pieces for example. Let me know if you’d want to see that.

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